• Our Purpose

  • Our Mission

    Our Vision

    To accomplish our mission we create opportunities for individuals to take an active role in learning environments that inspire creativity, exploration, engagement, shared learning, collaboration, communication, critical thinking skills and fun.

  • Board of Directors

    • Katey Kamoku

      I have a Masters in Special Education, with a teaching certification in special and general education. I was a teacher at Sun Prairie High School and currently I am a preschool teacher at Sun Prairie Nursery School. My husband and I have four young children and truly feel that we have found a fantastic city to raise our family in.

      I am thrilled to be a part of bringing a children’s museum to Sun Prairie. Children’s museums are built to spark children’s imaginations, allow them to follow their passions and discover new passions, a place where children can show us how they play and in doing so, how their brains are developing. The Explore Children’s Museum will be a community hub; a place for families to enjoy one another, expand and explore their knowledge, develop skills and connect with their community and the world around them.

    • Kelly Nelson

      I graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a degree in Elementary-Middle Education with a minor in Social Studies. I enjoyed teaching elementary-age children with the Sun Prairie Area School District for over 10 years. During which time, I received a Master’s degree from UW-La Crosse, as well as National Board Certification.

      I presently stay home with my five children which allows me to have an active role in our community through service, coaching, volunteering and play. Giving opportunities for creative and purposeful play are essential for developing critical thinking and problem solving skills as the foundation for learning. Explore Children’s Museum is an amazing gift to the community that encompasses these skills, as well as my passion for children, gratitude, teaching and lifelong learning.

    • Kristin Wilkinson

      My name is Kristin Wilkinson, and I am blessed to live in Sun Prairie with my husband, Jack, and our daughters; Alyssa and Jenna. My husband was born and raised here in Sun Prairie and began his career with the Sun Prairie Police Department in 1996 and I joined him in 1998, after I finished my education degree at UW-Platteville.  I taught kindergarten at C.H. Bird Elementary for 18 years and truly loved spending my days watching children learn and discover.

      I believe that all children need to be given these opportunities to explore, move, ask questions, and seek out their own knowledge. This is why I feel so passionately about the Explore Children’s Museum becoming a reality here in Sun Prairie.  Our children truly are the future…we MUST give them the best opportunities to learn, grow, and EXPLORE right here in our community.  

    • Sarah Firchow

      I graduated from UW Madison with an art history and English degree, later receiving my teaching certification at Edgewood College and a Master’s of Education degree through UW LaCrosse. As a teacher with the Sun Prairie Area School District, I enjoyed teaching third grade at Eastside Elementary until leaving to become a stay at home mom. I have three children ages 9, 7, and 3; so I am especially excited for Explore Children’s Museum.

      I know how important play is to children’s development, and how hands-on activities allow kids to have fun while exploring their interests and enhancing their learning. Having this space in Sun Prairie dedicated to exploring and learning through play, plus the opportunities for outreach into the schools will be a tremendous resource for the families in this community and the surrounding area.

    • Theresa Stevens

      I bring years of community organization and fundraising experience to our Board. Through these experiences, I recognize the need for more hands-on learning experiences to include the entire family within the Sun Prairie community. My family of four enjoys spending time exploring and learning together.

      My passion for accessible education keeps me motivated to find creative solutions in my various roles. Explore Children’s Museum will be a welcome addition to the community as it brings more opportunities for hands-on experiences in a fun and safe environment. Play-based education, especially for young children, is vital to their development. Families and caregivers will learn new information, find new support systems, and engage with their children in a way that will create memories for a lifetime.

    • Adam Schleicher

      I am a graduate of UW Madison with a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering.  I have also received a graduate certificate in Public Administration from Northern Illinois University.  I am the Director of Public Works and City Engineer for the City of Sun Prairie.  My wife and I have two children in the Sun Prairie School District and are proud to be part of the community.

      I am excited to bring a children’s museum to our community.  I am passionate about bringing learning opportunities for science, technology, engineering and mathematics to children in a fun play-based atmosphere.  A dedicated space for our children to play, learn and grow will be a tremendous asset for our community for years to come.

    • Nic Teachout

      I am a graduate of Ripon College where I completed a Self-Designed Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Psychology.  Since that time, I have served as a Law Enforcement Officer before transitioning into the financial field.  I am now a Branch Manager with Summit Credit Union on the East side of Madison.  My wife and I have two children in the Sun Prairie School District.

      I believe that there is a key need for a children’s museum, not only in Sun Prairie, but to serve our surrounding communities as well.  Just as in the financial world, it is important to gain knowledge through opportunities to learn.  Bringing a hands-on exploration experience for children in our area will allow for continued growth and a unique way to support our schools through additional educational opportunities.