Bringing FUN into 2020 - how the Color Splash Party came to be!

June 9, 2020
  • Who is Kelly Nelson?

    My name is Kelly Nelson, however I tend to be put in the general categories of mom, wife, friend and educator. A friend calls me “The Captain” because I am the driving force behind the wheel of my ship, which consists of many different people besides my family. The more the merrier…this phrase pretty much sums up many facets of my life. I had three amazing kiddos, but why stop there! I needed to even up the score, so I went for child number four and I had twins! Yes, five children but I often can be found with more than five in tow and I am always filling the few extra seats in our car with friends. I tend to go out of my way to make sure others don’t feel excluded, as a coping mechanism for my own case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Which leads me back to being the captain and wanting to sail the ship of fun. The saying from National Lampoons comes to mind, “This is no longer a vacation but a quest for fun!” I am often on the quest for fun, especially during this strange time of “coronacation”. The Explore Children’s Museum Color Splash Party is a time to invite your neighbors, friends and family to join in the fun! Social distancing is even more of a reason to get others involved. I think everyone could use a little pick me up these days and Color Splash is set up to brighten your day, while still being safe. 

    What is Color Splash?

    Well, the idea was sparked by a picture of a color run that popped up in my TimeHop. Immediately I was thinking about how much fun I had and how I wish I could do it again. Then naturally my brain is trying to come up with a way to make it happen. I turned to my good friend, Pinterest, to help me bring the idea to fruition. Nothing. I now see this as a challenge! In the back of my brain I am always hoping to come up with that one grand idea that might just land me the opportunity to stay home with my kids forever! So, I researched, watched YouTube, checked out Amazon and continually convinced myself with positive self talk that I could make it happen.  I ran my prototype and some of the details past my biggest supporters yet my biggest critics, my children. “Can we do it right now?!” was the response. With that reaction, the idea was a go. Voila! Color Splash Party is born. Color Splash is an event for children and families. Sometimes called color wars or color parties, Color Splash will use colorful chalk powder to cover participants. Explore Children’s Museum will travel around to various neighborhoods with a small parade of music, bubbles and a few surprises. During this time people partaking in the festivities will throw colored chalk rockets at others in their group. The rockets, along with sunglasses to protect your eyes, are pre-purchased and delivered to your doorstep! What a great way to kick off summer! 

    Trial Run

    We always learn through doing. Well, we learned. Poor Toby, my youngest,  got colored chalk in his eyes. He bounced back quickly and forgave me for not having them wear sunglasses. Of course they took this as an opportunity to give their two cents.  “Mom, you better make sure you buy lots of sunglasses for everyone!” This was not a “mom fail” but the reason trial runs were created. The success was easily measured by laughter. So much fun was had they forgot to fight with each other! Just like water balloons (except for the tiny pieces everywhere) the kids kept looking for more color rockets and it wasn’t until they were all gone that they actually came to rest. Funny thing, they sat on the driveway and played with the empty rockets until the moment the lightbulb went off in their heads. How do we get this off? Good thing I had read through the FAQ ( before purchasing the colored chalk. Easy peasy…water. The kiddos eventually took a bath, clothes were run through the washer and any other evidence of chalk was washed away by the rain. The kids asked to do it again and so I marked the trial run as successful!


    What does love language have to do with it?

    It is in my genes to host parties and to stir up enjoyment for others. My brain is always on fire thinking of ways to have fun. Some ideas are better than others and usually generate some sort of ridiculousness. Not to mention the mess I tend to create planning, preparing and executing. I often hear, “You are crazy!” or “Now, what are you doing?” I suppose that is the natural draw and why we find ourselves watching Rob Dyrdek and America’s Funniest Home Videos. My wild ideas tend to create more work for myself but bring fun and  joy to those around me. Therefore, I can’t stop myself because service is definitely my dominant love language. I judge the success of my wild ideas on the voices of others: “That was so fun!” “Can we do that again?” or my favorite “Remember when we__.” My heart is full when I have helped create a memory and experience that sparks joy. Color Splash is surely to be one of those memories and sparks!

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