Bench Campaign 2020: "Putting the ART in Party!"

June 23, 2020
  • Who is Theresa Stevens?

    Greetings! My name is Theresa Stevens, and I am thrilled to be a member of the Explore Children’s Museum Board of Directors. It’s an exciting adventure as we take ideas and turn them into a beautiful reality for our community. I wear many hats throughout the day: mom, wife, friend, and alder. Life is about serving with love and compassion, connecting people and resources to dreams of what could be, and creating a world in which all can thrive. My two kids, Anna and Julia, keep me on my toes with their questions, jokes, dance parties, and their endless appetite for adventures. Even in a time when connections have moved to virtual platforms, we have explored zoos and museums, made many messes in the kitchen, took on new science experiments, and have found joy in connecting with family and friends in different ways. Another big role I serve as a City Council Alder, elected to serve District 2 (the Northeast quadrant) of Sun Prairie. I have met many wonderful people who love our community, and see challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities. 

    What is the Bench Campaign?

    In 2019 the City Council adopted a Comprehensive Plan which included an initiative to add more public art to public spaces. When we started to think of fundraising ideas, the idea of something similar to the “Buckys on Parade” came to mind. We wanted to engage and collaborate with local artists, offering an opportunity to showcase local talent, engage with the community, and create an opportunity to share our story about the importance of early childhood educational opportunities through play and exploration. What better way to do that than a treasure hunt? Each bench was built by the high school woodworking class, with wood donated by Chase Lumber. We asked artists to provide the medium, and gave them free reign of theme and design making each bench truly a one-of-a-kind art piece! In addition to bringing unique art to Sun Prairie, this is a fundraiser for Explore Children’s Museum Sun Prairie.

    Sneak Peak!

    We are really excited to see these starting to pop up in parks and along trails. Stay tuned on Facebook for a map to guide your treasure hunters. Here are a few benches for an exclusive Sneak Peak for our blog readers!
    (Insert 3 or 4 photos)

    I Really Love THAT Bench…

    How can I get THAT bench for my own yard? We love your enthusiasm! On July 6th head over to our website: where we will have a virtual auction for each bench. The auction will run July 6th through August 14th, with winners announced the evening of August 14th. Bids will start at $175 with all proceeds going towards the construction of traveling exhibits and construction costs for a building! Follow us on Facebook for more photos, artist bios, and updates about this fun campaign.
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