Art in the City Bench Campaign

Art in the City Bench Campaign

Explore Children’s Museum 2020 Art in the City Bench Campaign runs through August 14, 6 pm and is a collection of stunningly beautiful, one of a kind, original works of art created by local artists who are dedicated to supporting their community. This awareness and fundraising campaign was made possible by local community members who believe in serving the greater good by supporting an emerging children’s museum in Sun Prairie.

The lumber and materials for the benches were donated by Chase Lumber of Sun Prairie. Construction labor was performed by Sun Prairie High School Tech. Ed. students under the direction of teacher Justin Zander. The original art on the benches was created by local artists who donated their time, materials and talents.

The Aldo Leopold style benches are made from treated yellow pine. The dimensions of the benches are 48” long, 29” high, and 30” deep. An exterior water-based topcoat was applied in May. If you plan to keep your bench outside, we recommend you apply an exterior topcoat once a year to protect the priceless artwork.

The benches have been available for members of the community to visit since the middle of June. Starting on July 6, 2020, the benches will be auctioned off as a fundraiser for Explore Children’s Museum. All proceeds benefit Explore Children’s Museum.

The highest bidder on each bench will become the owner of the bench when their purchase is complete. Purchased benches will be available for pick up or drop off between 8/15 – 8/22/20. Delivery available within 30 miles of Sun Prairie.

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